Writing about yourself is a bit weird....but like the rest of the site info....is intended to give pertinent info to make an informed decision.......

Who........Married 37 years,two daughters adopted from China,15 & 19 years ago.....Faith will be a sophomore at Lutheran High School and Samantha will be a sophomore at Cal State Northridge.

What.....The Ready Company's bread and butter is residential design and installed landscapes. Most projects start out with the removal of old shrubs and then planting new shrubs and flowers.

Where......Most of our projects are in eastern Jackson County....

Why.......Home landscaping has always been an avocation since I was kid in Cedar Rapids,Ia.....worked at a local nursery in high school and college. Then jumped into the restaurant business for a very long time. When we decided to adopt I felt the travel and  long hours I spent as a chef/restaurateur  would not be conducive to raising two little girls....So I chose to pursue what I really loved to do....be outside,create and making people happy. So 21 years ago I sold my Porsche,put my suits in the attic,bought a truck and trailer and slugged it out creating a new business. Income certainly took a nose dive for a few years,probably gave the store away  several times.....needed to stock grocery shelves in the evening,sell my blood three times a week and dug holes in the day time just to keep my dreams alive.

When I started this company in 1996  I called it Steve's Manicured Lawn & Landscape,a few years later I decided to give the business a more generic name as more opportunities outside of landscape work came around. As the years have gone by I decided to stay focused on just landscapes and glad I did.

Naming a company is like naming your kid....think ahead of all the potential issues:)).......So the word ready said to me.....motion,positive,easy to spell and remember,color and action.....So here we are!