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Steve Hatfield,Owner

Fully insured

22 years of landscape installation

 We all ask friends who have had work done by a contractor...."Would you use them again?"

The answer is......Most of our work each season comes from either referrals or from existing customers.....We have about a dozen customers who have chosen to use us every year....even though they can choose another company each and every year......

The most asked questions over the years have been.......

1.) Have you done work similar to our project?

The answer years ago was usually no...and I told them exactly that. 20 years later I'll tell you the same thing...if I haven't. Pictures say a thousand words.

2.) Will I/my company be doing the work?

The answer has been and always will be.....90% of the time yes!..there may be certain parts of a ....project that may be better served from another contractor.......then we help find that contractor and assist in any way we can.

3.) And of course...."What will it cost?"

The answer usually is...."Let me hear what is big picture and Ill work up a cost..".So we talk and talk and prioritize and talk.... then we agree on a budget that works for you.

Landscape design, installation and maintenance

creative landscaping

full service lawn and shrub care

The  Ready Company

Like you....I've looked at a lot of web sites...and one thing I've never seen is a contractor telling me what they  don't  do.....lets be honest....I just can't do everything and do it well....

I'll use a contractor for electrical, irrigation, large walls or large patios....and I'll recommend, work with and help you be sure all their work fits into the big picture.